Episode 2: Embodiment

Episode 1 summary : traditional definitions of ‘True Nature;’ Inspiring story – The Jewel in the Coat; Children moving freely embodying their True Nature before the conditioning sets in; wild animals moving freely embodying their instincts to survive.


Most modern human beings have drifted far away from any sacred connections, far away from a sense of awe of the mighty powers of the universe.  They have replaced the sacred in a material world with the gods of Pepsi-Cola and Football, Levis and Luis Vuitton.  It is as if they have turned their back entirely on their origins and on the natural world which has allowed humans to survive this far.

Let me paint a picture of what life was like before the mass-media took over our lives and directed us about what to wear, what to eat, how to think and even how to love.

Once in the western Christian world, and nowadays in Islam and Buddhist faiths which guide people in which way to live, the sacred was a way of life. We Europeans did not know how to be without it.  Thoughts of sin and paradise, of unconditional love and blessings, were dominant in the same way that advertising jingles, chart hits and attention-catching words uttered by great stars in films are on the tips of our tongues today. 

The secular world has nudged away the sacred. It seems that there is something shameful about it to many people. You may still have the urge to consecrate or make sacred something or someone, but because the visible world has become the be-all and the end-all of our existences, and our fears of natural forces have been intensified, we resort to glorifying impermanent materials and short-lived notions.  

In short, many of us have re-invented ourselves, taking all the credit for everything we achieve in our status-driven lives.  Perhaps we have looked to tangible powers which we can take control of exactly out of colossal fear and confusion.


The sacred world is filled with so much we can never understand, and nor were we meant to. Our tolerance of accepting unconditionally, of trusting and believing in something we cannot see or control, has led us to turn away wholesale from the planet and the universe. We have allowed ourselves to be led into the pleasure gardens of lives of sensual pleasure and convenience where we can easily suppress our divine origins.

Love has turned to lust, to another kind of power over other beings whom we desire to manipulate to our own ends. Love has been transformed into a commodity which we can negotiate for, make choices about and ultimately take possession of the object of our strange and narrow rumblings of ‘love.’  In fact, we have become separated from love so that we often project our feelings on to others by exploring it. This modern consumerist ‘love’ comes with many conditions.

But love is not a commodity or something separate from human beings.  Our unique higher consciousness with special abilities has evolved exactly so that the glories of a greater love can fill the world. Evolved so that the survival instincts of animals which we view as cruel and savage and have risen above, can be replaced with peace and sharing of the precious produce of our green planet.

Love is not a material or object, but a sacred energy which we have been given these special skills to express in the world. We do not ‘have’ or ‘make’ or ‘do’ love. We are love. We embody it as children and animals in the wild do to nurture their species, and we must use our gifts to express it in glorious artistic ways.

Unconditional love is our ‘true nature.’ We are not separate from animals at all, just the next stage of evolution. We have to make the choice to destroy or preserve, to respect or detest, to embody love for all other beings or to love in a self-serving way. And we have had many models in the great spiritual leaders that have persistently tried to wake us up to our incredible potential. But as a race it seems we prefer to take everything into our hands and snub all the desperate messages we have been given. We have not listened deeply, unconditionally, so far!

Your True Nature consists of not only a dazzling gem stone which is capable of illuminating the entire world, but also the energy of unconditional love and unconditional light which, in the world of form, the visual world, you have the unique opportunity to embody.

You can ‘be’ love at every moment if you choose to. It is entirely your choice. You can also choose to be a consumer of worldly love and be consumed by it, as you can choose to live your True Nature or not.


Episode 3 will show how you can and certain other incognito visionaries have pushed beyond the limits and blindness which we impose on ourselves and made those universal choices mentioned above. Also, how gratitude for our existence and for each of our breaths, which are possible only due to the kindness of the benevolent universe, is so natural to us.



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