Episode 3: sacred and secular

EPISODE 2 SUMMARY: the sacred and how it is part of supreme inheritance; awe and the power of the universe; life before mass media hen sacred was the only way of life; the urge to consecrate; unconditional acceptance; love has become a commodity, separate from human beings; humans must embody love – it is their essence, their TRUE NATURE; dazzling gem stone hidden inside us plus the coursing energy of love and light.

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First, definitions:

Secular – the world as opposed to the church or generation/age. It has many other meanings such as – in astronomy, the slow changes in the movements of planets, the sun or moon; in economics, a fluctuation or trend in the economy which is indefinite; but the main meaning today is ‘not being bound by religious laws or connected in any way to spiritual or religious matters.’

Sacred – connected with God or a god or connected to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. The other modern coinage is – ‘regarded as too valuable to be interfered with.’

Secular and sacred are, as you can see, opposite in meaning, but the fierce grip of religious organizations and their power over all of society in the past is clear in this contrast.





In history, as the ‘protesting’ secular mind appeared and overtook the sacred, we started to move away from the power of the invisible and the mystical to follow our self-made pathway.

We gradually needed intermediaries in the form of priests and shamans, masters and gurus, to communicate with that invisible world we had lost touch with. We were compelled to build mighty churches and cathedrals, temples and citadels, compose glorious music, literature and art, to create a pure and sanctified field from which we could reach the gods and buddhas. This is a significant moment in our spiritual deterioration when we started to turn away from our True Nature.

Originally, before the secular mind developed, we were pure in mind and spiritually evolved. The gods and buddhas walked among us in the world of form and we were each a potential god or Buddha; and we still have this potential today.

But, because we have moved so far away from all that is sacred, our potential is limited, diminished, and so spiritual training and deep change is much more difficult.



We think we have to work persistently to be able to connect with the purity that once came so naturally to us, and today, very few people choose this kind of life. We prefer the easy convenient way – the flick of a switch, the comfort of a variety of portable screens always on standby available to us sitting in a comfortable armchair. It seems that many of us no longer have any sacred aspirations despite the fact that this is our nature.

So, organized religion has become the norm because individuals have lost their unique connection with the spiritual world and with their True Nature. But such religious groups with huge memberships, are oppressive, some say full of masterful indoctrinators, rife with negative energies and corruption.

Due to their existence and their role in developed societies, what was once awe of the mystical and spiritual has turned to fear and benefit-seeking; desperately buying amulets and blessings, following teachings to the letter and being distracted by achieving holiness and admiration.

Such distractions could be seen as red herrings when we consider all the riches we have inside us, the priceless gem stone sewn into our hearts, and when each unique spirit must know faith in its own unique way. It has also led to the detestation of anything remotely ‘religious’ in many people; and those who are innately respectful of the sacred have been shunned or even exterminated like the Cathars, a group of Christian mystics in medieval Europe.




An over-abundance of symbols and rituals, of metaphors and parables, is irresistible to the intellectual mind. But are we not then interpreting reality with our own interpretation of an interpretation?

Layer upon layer of interpretation creates a thick film of dirt on our precious diamond, burying our True Nature even more deeply. We can no longer feel what we truly feel, let alone express it to others. It is like following a map and seeing it as the place we want to go; in other words, seeing a mere representation as a territory.





Added to this is the composition of large urban societies and the pressures they exert to conform, to fit in and be successful. In order to live peacefully and in harmony, we have to suppress most of our natural urges and wear masks because we lay so much store by the approval of others.

Wearing such masks so we can carry out our roles to the satisfaction of our peers often means that we are dishonest with ourselves, and once that happens, it follows that we can perhaps, inadvertently, or deliberately, be dishonest with others.

There are such in-congruences in modern society – in other words, people behaving in a different way in private to the image they project in public. The private thoughts we have which will eventually give birth to words and actions are often flawed due to resentment, to frustration, and other negative emotions like envy or greed, lust for power, hatred or idleness.

But there have been several visionaries in the 20th century who worked tirelessly to coax out people’s True Nature in the secular realm, away from religious sentiments. They were truly light-workers incognito, their self-honesty and vision of how humans could realize their full potential while strapped into the seats society insisted they sat in, impressive. In time, I will write about their courageous individuality and their insights into embodiment and our living as gods and buddhas once more.




Inspired by three visionaries incognito, I was able to realize my own True Nature. However, knowing human nature intimately, none of them were willing to become great charismatic leaders or to have a massive following. They were adamant that they could re-educate or encourage True Nature without creating a dependence. In other words, they wanted all humans to be free and to sing their own songs instead of those of others.

The great spiritual leaders, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, Mahavira, and many others, manifested in the world of form to wake us up from worldly distractions, but eventually they died as all matter must.

If we were touched by their teachings or their model lives, our direct contact with the mystical perhaps became slimmer and slimmer after their death.





The disciples of these great leaders in their desperation to keep the teachings alive, were forced to make decisions and divisions, to draw the line, to insist that their interpretation was correct. Out of devotion to their blessed gurus, they and their successors invested all their energy into conveying the teachings, but gradually, the signal became fainter and fainter for the masked masses, though still crystal clear for the sincere.

This weakening of the human aspiration to recognize its full potential after a great leader or master dies, remembering that we only use 10% of it even though our physical state is 100% evolved, is highly significant in respect of True Nature. Some say that we are either followers or leaders according to our natural character, and that may be so, but our tendency to depend on others, to be passive rather than active, to abdicate and defer to other stronger personalities, is one of the main reasons we lose contact with our True Nature.

We seem to long for the direction they give which we lack ourselves, or do we?

So, the precious wisdom bequeathed from these great enlightened beings became distorted, separated away, calling for membership to be affirmed, rituals to be performed to the letter, and often the wiping away of the human ego and all traces of individuality and True Nature. A clean slate was called for in order to become enlightened or evolved spiritually amidst fierce competition.



In the Episode 4, I will describe what happened at the time of the death of the Buddha, known as the truly awakened one, approximately 2600 years ago in India. His death was imminent, so he revealed truths he had never touched upon before, and one of them concerned Buddha Nature, which I refer to as True Nature so that we can step outside the boundaries imposed by a religion or philosophy into the vast field of human awareness.






images courtesy of Megapixyl: Ballerina – https://www.megapixl.com/alyasandra-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Reflections- https://www.megapixl.com/rainbow-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Twins-Venetian Mask, Italy – https://www.megapixl.com/lifeontheside-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Mind Waves – https://www.megapixl.com/agsandrew-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Death of Buddha fresco – https://www.megapixl.com/cascoly-stock-images-videos-portfolio



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